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Manufacturing at Heart

Published 29 November 2015

This manufacturing.fm interview, entitled ‘Thinking about the future’ was produced as a Manufacturing at Heart podcast

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Stuffitis, Affluenza and the Circular Economy

Published 28 November 2015

Lecture to design students at Central Saint Martin’s, University of the Arts, London, November 2015. The session was aimed at questioning the contemporary Green zeitgeist, which completely dominates the design scene, both in higher education and in practice

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‘Ethical’ design – or the ethic of progress?

Published 21 November 2015

Years ago, I saw the great US graphic design writer Stephen Heller address a big crowd of students in London.

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Circular economy

Circular business models won’t revive urban manufacturing

Published 17 November 2015

In design, one needn’t always accept the problem as given. So why are we talking business models anyway?

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Mockup of Retail 2020

Retail 2020: Of robots, shelves and packs

Published 12 November 2015

In all today’s euphoric-apocalyptic hysteria about how the robots are coming, one sector is woefully neglected (1).

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