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Let’s research our own R&D record

Published 30 August 2007

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development may be right that the Chinese are sluggish on research and development. But the same is true of America and Europe.

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Total interaction

Interaction design and the failure of post-modernism

Published 20 August 2007

Review of Gerhard M Buurman, Ed, Total interaction: theory and practice of a new paradigm for the design disciplines. Birkhäuser, 2005, 367pp, 135 colour illustrations, 105 line drawings

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It’s official: the masses are not gullible

Published 16 August 2007

A new British government survey suggests that lots of us have an agnostic or atheist attitude to the cult of environmentalism.

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This land is our land

This land is our land

Published 8 August 2007

If New Labour is serious about making homes more affordable, then it should allow members of the public to buy land and build homes where they please.

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HDTV shows the way for online comms

Published 3 August 2007

Directed at entertainment, high-definition TV could also prove the turning point for video conferencing.

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