arrow13 August 2014

Digital native? There’s no such thing

It’s a myth that children are better at IT than adults

arrow17 July 2014

People, your TVs are too big!

The Department of Energy’s latest report blames you for Britain’s energy shortages

arrow11 July 2014

IT’s not the future

The Second Machine Age sacrifices sense at the altar of technology

arrow9 June 2014

Seven reasons we should celebrate manufacturing

Commentators bemoaning the rise of ‘stuffocation’ miss the benefits manufacturing provides

arrow11 April 2014
IDG Connect

When telcos are terrible at communication

It’s time mobile operators fixed their networks – and their prose

arrow3 April 2014

Making the case for shale gas and oil

Both advocates and critics of fracking have it wrong. Also, both use the wrong word

arrow2 April 2014
Paper to the AgIdeas conference, Melbourne, Australia. Written with Peter Ford

Publicly funded design support for small and medium manufacturers – how it might be best managed

Over the years, governments have put very little money into supporting product design among SMEs. A review of the results of their work

arrowMarch 2014
From the archives: Blueprint, September 1989

Why Paul Rand hates logos

In the pantheon of American designers, they don’t come more eminent that Paul Rand. He turned corporate identity into modernist clarity

arrow14 March 2014
From the archives: The Economist, 10 November 1979 

Innovation: a case study

Americans worried about their industri­alists’ willingness to take on risky inno­vations should take heart – and learn lessons – from Corning Glass Works. Written with the late Richard Casement

arrow28 February 2014

Banning fur is not a political statement

A London club is advertising a new ban with a neon sign displaying the word ‘fur’ with a line through it – it feels like hip awareness-raising to me

arrow18 February 2014
China Outlook

China in space: conquests, reversals – and revival

The success, relapse and then partial resuscitation of its lunar explorer Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, should awaken us to the broad advance China has achieved in space

arrow14 February 2014

The Big Six aren’t to blame for high energy prices

Have Britain’s main suppliers of energy abused their monopoly position?

arrow14 February 2014

Design against food waste? Count me out

Trendy laments about food waste look unlikely ever to make much improvement on the poor incomes so widely offered in Britain’s creative industries

arrow28 January 2014

Obesity busybodies turn down the heat

In one move you can cut your gas bills and carbon footprint and do your figure a favour, and lower the cost to the NHS and social services of dealing with obesity and its myriad supposed consequences

arrow13 January 2014
China Outlook

Computer games in China – some battles on screen, more in the market

The Chinese Communist Party won’t permit lurid content, but commercial competition in the games sector is pretty bloodthirsty

arrow4 January 2014

US firms and the dash for cash

American companies are grimly hanging on to cash, or returning it to shareholders, rather than investing in innovation

arrow12 December 2013

Dementia: how health nudging works

The claim that dementia can be prevented by lifestyle changes was convenient PR – but remains unproven.

arrow27 November 2013
IDG Connect

IT and US energy: grids go smart, armed forces go solar

The US Navy is more committed to solar energy supply than mainstream investors, who prefer to massage energy demand – downwards

arrow18 November 2013
China Outlook

Chinese supercomputers

If only briefly, China’s Milky Way 2 has taken the lead in the kind of machine that will be a vital to tomorrow’s heavy lifting in security, science and manufacturing 

arrow 15 November 2013
Novo Argumente

A Brit looks at German energy ‘liberation’

British environmentalists love Germany’s energy policies. Mistake!

arrow9 November 2013

Humanity: alive and well in the fast lane

The human spirit – motorists emphatically included – remains intrepid, indomitable, and impervious to differences of race, age or gender

arrow31 October 2013

Letter from Lebanon: powering up for a brighter future

The Middle East needs new energy, not Europe telling it to save the stuff

arrow 10 October 2013

Six high-tech industries for 2020 and beyond

To tackle unemployment, unleash human talent and end global poverty, industry needs to embrace big ideas. Here are six

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arrow 7 July 2014

Slow Artificial Intelligence, resilient energy demand, precision agriculture

arrow 13 March 2014
Design Authority 

Design needs to make more than a difference 

arrow 22 November 2013
Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association

The future of higher education and IT

arrowOctober 2013
Design Authority

Six emerging industries, 2020

Industries (five, actually) that could be automated, yet create lots of jobs, and also meet massive human need

arrow 20 February 2013
Greater London Authority

What London needs in terms of IT

arrow 29 October 2012
The Alternative

Brands and Corporate Social Responsibility

arrow 11 October 2012
The Energy Event

Britain is headed for power cuts

arrow 28 September 2012
The Voice of Russia

Japan and China – could tension between them lead to war?

arrow16 September 2012
Peninsular Arts with Plymouth University

Moby Dick Big Read: Chapter 24 – The Advocate

arrow19 June 2012
TEDx Sussex University

Behind the froth in IT and innovation

arrow20 March 2012
Battle of Ideas

Fracking and Fukushima: our energy security fears

arrow9 September 2010
Sage World

Forecasting Part 1:

Introduction – myths about forecasting’s big boo-boos, and the failure to forecast the end of the Cold War

Forecasting Part 2:

Bird flu, obesity, health panics – the need to collect and suspect more forecasts

Forecasting Part 3:

IPCC scenarios and wally metaphors about the future

Forecasting Part 4:

Manufactured homes and deregulated land? Instead, drift happens

Forecasting Part 5:

Mankind can grow the talents to do better R&D

arrow19 April 2010
Grant Thornton

Business models are no substitute for genuine innovation

arrow3 July 2009
Media Futures Conference 2009
With Melanie Howard

The Future Unwrapped: Media and Society, 2012+

arrow8 January 2009
BBC Breakfast

Low-energy lightbulbs – blaming you and me for energy consumption

arrow5 Apr 2008
BBC Breakfast

Solar energy for British homes?

arrow20 July 2006
BBC Breakfast
Debate with Meyer Hillman

Should each person carry a Carbon Ration Card?

Books, etc


arrow9 April 2014
From the archives: Report for Glasgow Development Agency

Design as a practical tool for economic and business development in metropolitan Glasgow

Tools for a major British city seeking to capitalise on worldwide trends and its own strengths in design

arrow12 April 2012
With Peter Rivers – first chapter in a book edited by Philip Breedon

Rethinking packaging

How electronic packs for pharmaceuticals work with mobile IT to improve patient adherence to medication regimens


  arrow24 August 2011
Chapter in a book edited by Jan Brand and Anne van der Zwaag

Cities and colour

How colour will likely change the urban landscape in future

Colour in Time 

  arrow25 April 2010

Big Potatoes 

The London manifesto for innovation


arrow8 January 2009
With Joe Kaplinsky


A future for energy innovation


arrow8 May 2006
Chapter in a book edited by Dennis Hayes and Robin Wynyard

The online campus


arrow8 July 2004
Chapter in a book edited by Dennis Hayes

Education as entertainment

Routledge on Education

arrowSeptember 2004
Blueprint Broadside. With Ian Abley

Homes 2016

Homes 2016 Front cover,jpg

arrow4 February 2004
With Ian Abley

Why is construction so backward?


arrowFebruary 1999
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Cult IT 


Detailed editing of a book written by John Gillott and Manjit Kumar

Science and the retreat from reason

Science and the retreat from Reason2

Chapter in a book edited by Jeremy Myerson

In Defence of the Enlightenment

Design Renaissance-1

Detailed editing of a book written by James Cousins

British Rail design

52975 (1)

With Stephen Bayley



arrowSummer 1983

Word processing manual for the Commodore 64 computer


With Terry Cottle

Central to design, central to industry

Central to Design 1

With Maurice Goldsmith and Alan Mackay

Einstein: the first 100 years

Einstein- the first 100 years


Instruction manual for the Neff B1691 oven

Neff manual

Innovators I like


Jocelyn Bell Burnell – she discovered the first radio pulsars

John Tyndall – the man who worked out why the sky was blue

Rosalind Franklin co-discovered the structure of DNA, with Crick and Watson

Rosalyn Sussman Yallow – development of radioimmunoassay (RIA), a method of quantifying minute amounts of biological substances in the body

Jonas Salk – discovery and development of the first successful polio vaccine

Robert Furchgott – discovered that nitric oxide transmits signals within the human body

Barry Marshall – showed that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is the cause of most peptic ulcers, reversing decades of medical doctrine holding that ulcers were caused by stress, spicy foods, and too much acid

John Waterlow – discovered that lack of body potassium causes altitude sickness. First experiment: on himself

Werner Forssmann – the first man to insert a catheter into a human heart: his own

Bruce Bayer – scientist with Kodak whose invention of a colour filter array enabled digital imaging sensors to capture colour

N Joseph Woodland – co-inventor of the barcode

Yuri Gagarin – first man in space. My piece of fandom: http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/10421

Sir Godfrey Hounsfield – inventor, with Robert Ledley, of the CAT scanner

Martin Cooper – inventor of the mobile phone

George Devol – ‘father of robotics’ who helped to revolutionise carmaking

Thomas Tuohy – Windscale manager who doused the flames of the 1957 fire

Eugene Polley – TV remote controls