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Fascism in the colours of France

Published 3 July 2017

This book review, written more than 35 years ago, gives some historical clues as to why Marine Le Pen did relatively well in the French presidential elections of 2017. Mistake! Class war had a lot more to do with it

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US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter

New wars, new technology

Published 28 October 2015

James Woudhuysen joined a panel discussion entitled New wars, new technology at the Battle of Ideas in the Barbican, October 2015

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First World War: Mainstream Histories, Liberal Forecasts

Published 14 June 2014

James Woudhuysen spoke on ‘World War I: Origins, and Warnings for 21st Century‘ at the Leeds Salon, June 2014

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East China Sea - Senkaku Islands

Big trouble in the East China Sea

Published 3 September 2012

A row between Japan, China and Taiwan over a few small islands reveals the arbitrariness of international relations.

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History of Pearl Harbor

The forgotten history of Pearl Harbor

Published 7 December 2011

Japan’s attack on the US 70 years ago was not a surprise, but rather the culmination of imperial rivalry.

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Churchill's Secret War by Madhusree Mukerjee

When Churchill starved India

Published 10 November 2010

Today, as Britain seeks diplomatic links with India and as Churchill is championed as a hero of multiculturalism, Madhusree Mukerjee’s shocking account of the exploits of the Empire is well worth reading.

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The battle of Britain by Richard Overy

Battle of Britain: empires at war

Published 12 September 2010

On the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Richard Overy’s account shoots down many a myth.

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Carl von Clausewitz

Clausewitz after 9/11

Published 16 October 2007

The Prussian master’s brilliant analytical method in On War provides richer insights into the contemporary wars against terrorism than anything his glib critics have come up with

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Sputnik: when American fears went into orbit

Published 4 October 2007

When the Soviets put the first man-made satellite into space, 50 years ago today, the event launched an era of US self-doubt that continues to this day.

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Remembering the Moscow Trials

Published 16 April 2007

Amid today’s craze for anniversaries, there’s one episode in history that nobody – especially on the left – wants to talk about.

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War and deception in the Netherlands

Published 13 February 2007

Black Book, Paul Verhoeven’s thriller about the Dutch Resistance to Nazi rule, is a cracking movie – and it raises important questions, too.

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Life, liberty and politics after 9/11

Published 9 September 2006

Bin Laden and the arithmetic of war, by James Woudhuysen

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All’s quiet on the Trafalgar front

Published 21 October 2005

Why the British elite won’t utter the v-word on the bicentennial of Nelson’s battle

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Dresden: Don’t apologise – understand

Published 8 February 2005

The debate surrounding the sixtieth anniversary of the firestorming of Dresden shows how sober analysis of history is being distorted by angst about the world today.

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Things to come … Pelican planes

Published 1 September 2003

The US Army wants to be able to deploy five divisions anywhere in the world within a month, but it can’t. Boeing is trying to make this possible.

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Spruce Goose, 1947

The Spruce Goose and US Decline

Published 14 June 1991

If America had shown more respect for the art of product design, maybe it wouldn’t be losing out so much to competing world powers

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USS Carl Vinson

Naval supremacy still rules the world

Published 12 June 1986

About a year ago I found myself 100 metres beneath the waves of the North Sea.

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Michael Foot, 1981

What did you do in the war, Michael?

Published 9 November 1981

MICHAEL FOOT famously told the 1981 Labour Party conference that he was an ‘incurable, inveterate peace-monger’. However Foot’s record in the Second World War gives the lie to this

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