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2016 Nissan leaf range

Wanted: a post-Brexit industrial strategy for electric cars

Published 10 May 2017

When Britain was fully signed up to the EU, the EU’s German-inspired bans on most state aids meant that Whitehall couldn’t really develop a genuine industrial strategy.

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Heathrow's third runway

Heathrow’s third runway: delayed, delayed, delayed

Published 15 September 2016

After decades of dithering, we must demand action on airport expansion.

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Toward a new customer experience, European rail, 2030

Published 12 July 2016

The opportunity to do better

In the past 20 years, neither energy suppliers nor telecommunications firms have truly completed their journey toward providing a good customer experience, whether off-line or online.

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Martin Winterkorn

VW: a panto of Green politics

Published 1 October 2015

Paul Seaman and James Woudhuysen

Last week, everyone learned that Volkswagen (VW) fitted special, duplicitous software to its diesel-powered cars.

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Where next for company cars?

The attractiveness of cars in a Green age

Published 4 September 2015

Britons want to do their bit for the environment. We are conscious of energy ratings when we buy or rent houses; we give money and time to green causes; we recycle more of our waste. Moreover Britain’s political parties continuously repeat how committed they are to fighting global warming.

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Mobility trends in rail

Mobility trends and the professional use of IT in European rail, 2015-2025

Published 18 July 2015

Perhaps the growing attention given to major disasters at sea, on the roads, in the air and on the railways is just to do with the speed and video quality of news now available on the Web.

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Mobility trends in aviation

Mobility trends and the professional use of IT in European aviation, 2015-2025

Published 18 July 2015

In 2012, the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development said that air passenger traffic could double in 15 years; airfreight could treble in 20 years.(1)

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Transport in UK election

Transport in the UK election, 2015

Published 1 May 2015

While Japan is building floating trains, British politicians are promising (slightly) lower fares.

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Cleared for take-off

Strategies in Lean IT: their relevance to the travel business

Published 29 October 2014

This White Paper by James Woudhuysen looks at strategies in ‘Lean IT’ and their relevance to the travel business.

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Transport: breaking through the impasse

Published 29 October 2014

ESSAY: Six arguments for innovation in transport.

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High Speed Rail HS2

High Speed 2: an impoverished debate

Published 16 September 2013

The one thing worse than the UK government’s case for HS2 is the case being made against it.

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Back on track, amadeus

Back on track

Published 25 January 2012

Europe’s railways need to up their game in IT.

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Don’t let the miserabilists clip humanity’s wings

Published 12 August 2010

Flying away on your holidays this August? The consensus is growing that you should feel guiltier than ever about it.

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Who’s afraid of electric vehicles?

Published 17 July 2009

Green opposition even to eco-friendly electric cars shows that what environmentalists really dislike is travel itself.

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Heathrow, Terminal 5

Britain’s airports: the case for three Heathrows

Published 10 March 2009

Professor James Woudhuysen on why it makes sense to even out international flights over England’s green and pleasant land

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The Electric Car Conspiracy… that never was

Published 1 January 2008

What a hit movie really tells us about innovation.

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Future traveller tribes

Published 23 June 2007

A new way of classifying air travellers has implications for hoteliers

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Transport innovation: slowing to a standstill

Published 31 October 2006

New Labour’s deep-seated hostility to popular mobility is holding back advances on roads, railways and in the air.

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IT gets behind the wheel of a car

Published 25 November 2004

IT in cars may not create mobile offices, but there will be productivity benefits

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Construction and transport: Victorian Britain lives on

Published 14 June 2004

Risk-aversion, short-termism and technophobia are holding back the UK’s roads, railways and buildings.

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Things to come … X-ray eyes for roadmenders

Published 1 May 2003

Holes in the road dug by public utility firms can be a headache for traffic and pedestrians.

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Air cares

Published 10 February 2003

Awareness-raisers about flying and blood clots raise public anxiety sky-high.

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