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The future of work

Don’t Shout at the Telly: The Future of Work

Published 1 May 2017

In this engaging on-the-sofa discussion, young volunteers for WORLDwrite, a charity, quiz James on IT and jobs

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Oracle talk

Myths and Realities of the Future of Work

Published 1 February 2017

In this keynote address to 300 delegates at Oracle’s Modern Business Conference at ExCel, East London, James challenged the perceived wisdom about IT, so as to highlight where real opportunities may be found

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Future of work

Automation anxiety and the future of work

Published 14 September 2016

Until fairly recently, most of the literature on the future of work was all too familiar: mobile working, working from home, hot-desking, teams, fun interiors to stimulate creativity, etc.

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What movies tell us

What movies tell us about work

Published 2 July 2009

Movies, as everyone knows, form a powerful medium. So when we consider movies and the world of work, one thing ought to be obvious: to show a few classic movies at normal workplaces would be a useful innovation.

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Smarty-pants ideas to make work better

Published 22 September 2006

Wearable IT is starting to have an impact in sport and may soon make a significant improvement to the lives of thousands of workers.

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Future of work in Ireland

The future of work in Ireland

Published 18 February 2005

Looking beyond the myths toward the Big Picture: speech at Industrial Relations News, Dublin, February 2005

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