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Fujitsu World Tour 2014: The human centric intelligent society

Published 7 July 2014

Fujitsu UK CTO Jon Wrennall talks to James Woudhuysen, about the Human Centric Intelligent Society and how technology can help us refine the production of the most human of needs: energy and food.

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Cities: what IT could do for London

Published 20 February 2013

James Woudhuysen joined this debate at the Global Futures event on Technology, Disruption and Convergence in February 2013. Speaking on the topic of ‘What IT could do for London‘, James challenges IT professionals to step outside the virtual world and change the capital physically.

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What movies tell us

What movies tell us about work

Published 2 July 2009

Movies, as everyone knows, form a powerful medium. So when we consider movies and the world of work, one thing ought to be obvious: to show a few classic movies at normal workplaces would be a useful innovation.

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Perry King and Santiago Miranda

King Miranda and the legacy of Italian design

Published 25 February 1983

England’s Perry King and Spain’s Santiago Miranda helped lead the 1980s revival of Milanese design

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