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Cop21 Paris 2015

Mass wind and solar? They’re 25 years away

Published 19 December 2015

After COP21, the Paris conference on climate change, it’s time to puncture Green euphoria about renewable energy

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Our hero: Gensets provide critical power where it’s needed

Published 6 August 2015

After April, when Nepal suffered its worst earthquake in 80 years, the technology made it to the front page of the New York Times.

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IT and US Energy

IT and US energy: grids go smart, armed forces go solar

Published 27 November 2013

The US Navy is more committed to solar energy supply than mainstream investors, who prefer to massage energy demand – downwards.

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Solar energy for British homes?

Published 5 April 2008

BBC Breakfast: News and debate on a new government initiative around solar energy for British homes. James debates this topic with Stephan Hale, Director of the Green Alliance.

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Things to come – Tower power

Published 1 July 2003

Solar power demands direct sunlight, one of the reasons why the Government’s alternative energies are now directed at wind turbines.

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