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Internet of Things

Internet of Things, Internet of Apprehension

Published 15 July 2016

The IoT has much to recommend it – but we need to set our sights higher: co-authored with Mark Birbeck

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Re-inventing the High Street

Published 4 December 2014

James Woudhuysen spoke on ‘Reinventing the High Street‘ at the Content, Customers & Communities in the Media Landscape conference, held at London’s Digital Catapult Centre, Dec 2014.

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Transport: breaking through the impasse

Published 29 October 2014

ESSAY: Six arguments for innovation in transport.

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Communicating the romance of innovation

Published 11 July 2014

James Woudhuysen delivered the Opening Keynote IICommunicating the Romance of Innovation‘ at the European Communication Summit in Brussels 2014

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R&D: why failure is necessary

Published 1 October 2013

The US government’s reclassification of R&D as a sexy investment, not an iffy expense, is foolish.

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Behind the froth in IT and innovation

Published 19 June 2012

James goes ‘Behind the froth in IT and innovation’ at TEDx Sussex University taking on two contemporary notions of IT – it’s all great or it’s all bad news.

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An R&D recession

Published 27 May 2009

Today’s economic crisis partly springs from years and years of under-investment in research and development.

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Now is not the time to lose faith in R&D

Published 26 March 2009

Just a few years ago, Sun Microsystems sold a gadget that would make your business compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002.

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Is it RIP for R&D?

Published 24 September 2003

Henry Chesbrough’s Open innovation suggests that most firms should leave R&D to the specialists.

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Do not focus on customers

Published 31 March 2003

Ben Hunt’s The Timid Corporation argues for more investment in long-term research and development, rather than customer focus groups.

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