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EU holding Africa back

How the EU is holding Africa back

Published 10 January 2018

It’s long been known, but often hushed over, that the subsidies the EU pays its farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy, plus the bureaucratic rules and standards it wields against food imports, have discriminated against African farmers.

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Cop21 Paris 2015

Mass wind and solar? They’re 25 years away

Published 19 December 2015

After COP21, the Paris conference on climate change, it’s time to puncture Green euphoria about renewable energy

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Extraordinary innovation: presentation to a conference of UK power systems manufacturers

Published 12 March 2015

With a speech entitled ‘Extraordinary Innovation’, James Woudhuysen opens the Association of Manufacturers of Power Systems (AMPS) conference 2015

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Tackling challenges faced by oil and gas companies

Published 14 February 2015

Michael Zipf interviews James Woudhuysen after his Keynote address ‘Forecast of the Future: The Value of Ambitious Innovation in Energy’ at the International SAP conference for Oil and Gas, CityCube, Berlin April 2015

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Transport: breaking through the impasse

Published 29 October 2014

ESSAY: Six arguments for innovation in transport.

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George Monbiot

Fracking with George Monbiot

Published 23 August 2014

Matthew Taylor brings together James Woudhuysen and George Monbiot for a head-to-head discussion on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for the the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Agree to differ‘.

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Fujitsu World Tour 2014: The human centric intelligent society

Published 7 July 2014

Fujitsu UK CTO Jon Wrennall talks to James Woudhuysen, about the Human Centric Intelligent Society and how technology can help us refine the production of the most human of needs: energy and food.

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British environmentalists love Germany’s energy policies

Published 18 February 2014

British environmentalists love Germany’s energy policies. Mistake!

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IT and US Energy

IT and US energy: grids go smart, armed forces go solar

Published 27 November 2013

The US Navy is more committed to solar energy supply than mainstream investors, who prefer to massage energy demand – downwards.

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The most innovative age ever? Five industries for 2020

Published 8 May 2013

Here are five key, job-creating yet high-productivity sectors which, with the help of design, could finally move into the 21st century. Published in Mandarin



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Innovation in energy: expressions of a crisis

Published 23 June 2012

Using academic, journalistic and statistical sources, this paper situates energy innovation in historical context before describing the current sclerosis of Western energy R&D.

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The world needs abundant, cheap, clean energy

Published 30 December 2009

In an extract from their new book, Energise!, James Woudhuysen and Joe Kaplinsky argue that climate change is real, but the answer is to invest boldly in forms of power supply not moralise about personal consumption.

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We need cheap, abundant energy

Published 9 February 2009

Here’s how we get it: more R&D, and fewer red herrings. Co authored with Joe Kaplinsky.

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Low-energy light bulbs – blaming us for energy consumption

Published 8 January 2009

BBC Breakfast: News and discussion piece on the phasing in of new low-energy light bulbs. During this item on BBC Breakfast, James Woudhuysen outlines his criticism of the government’s focus on consumer buying.

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Solar energy for British homes?

Published 5 April 2008

BBC Breakfast: News and debate on a new government initiative around solar energy for British homes. James debates this topic with Stephan Hale, Director of the Green Alliance.

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Take a PEW, hear a sermon

Published 25 May 2007

With three new tracts on planning, energy and waste, the government shows it would rather change our habits than encourage innovation.

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UK energy rules leave managers cold

Published 9 August 2006

In line with the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, UK regulations require a whole-building approach to calculate office carbon emissions.

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Windmills of the mind

Published 3 July 2006

Why the UK government’s energy policy is more concerned with changing our behaviour and mindset than with actually supplying more energy.

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