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Disaster relief

Design and the future of disaster relief

Published 8 January 2016

I believe in man-made climate change. Yet with or without it, the world needs more growth, not less, if it’s to prevent extreme weather or man-made chaos bringing disaster. The same holds for design after a disaster has struck. We need an approach that’s practical, not preachy.

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‘Ethical’ design – or the ethic of progress?

Published 21 November 2015

Years ago, I saw the great US graphic design writer Stephen Heller address a big crowd of students in London.

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New ideas that could give UK manufacturing a lift

Published 23 April 2015

Advocates often exaggerate the speed of development and the impact of new technologies. Yet by 2035, those that are now emerging will have matured – and in some of them the UK is already strong.

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Extraordinary innovation: presentation to a conference of UK power systems manufacturers

Published 12 March 2015

With a speech entitled ‘Extraordinary Innovation’, James Woudhuysen opens the Association of Manufacturers of Power Systems (AMPS) conference 2015

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Innovative technologies in manufacturing

Published 26 August 2014

These short video presentations cover a range of innovations and new technologies within manufacturing, describing the opportunities for growth and development open to SMEs over the next 10 years. Sponsored by Epicor Software.

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Communicating the romance of innovation

Published 11 July 2014

James Woudhuysen delivered the Opening Keynote IICommunicating the Romance of Innovation‘ at the European Communication Summit in Brussels 2014

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Celebrate manufacturing

Seven reasons we should celebrate manufacturing

Published 9 June 2014

Commentators bemoaning the rise of ‘stuffocation’ miss the benefits manufacturing provides.

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Design needs to make more than a difference

Published 13 March 2014
James Woudhuysen discusses various topics around the importance of design, including the main challenges that the design industry faces, what product and service design is, what design authority means to him, whether business executives sufficiently understand design and how design can transform business.
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The most innovative age ever? Five industries for 2020

Published 8 May 2013

Here are five key, job-creating yet high-productivity sectors which, with the help of design, could finally move into the 21st century. Published in Mandarin



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Leading innovation through design

The fuzzy front end of product design projects

Published 8 August 2012

In innovation, the simple transfer of knowledge isn’t enough – but uncertainty isn’t all bad

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Rethinking packaging

Smart Design: rethinking packaging

Published 12 April 2012

How electronic packs for pharmaceuticals work with mobile IT to improve patient adherence to medication regimens

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The craze for design thinking

Published 29 January 2012

The historical and social reasons why hip designers talk of little else. Plus: elements of an alternative.

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What’s so special about Dutch design?

Published 21 December 2009

In design one doesn’t necessarily accept ‘the problem as given’.

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Forecasting the frontiers of design

Published 12 October 2006

Measures of design effectiveness have become more and more subjective. It’s time to call a halt

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The Conran Directory of Design

Design of the times

Published 2 July 2002

About 80 of the US’s top Web designers who specialise in what they call “experience design” will gather shortly in Las Vegas.

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The American Design Adventure

The American Design Adventure

Published 10 December 2001

Mark Twain once said that the only thing Americans really had in common with one another was a fondness for iced water.

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Report on design for Glasgow Development Agency, 1994

Published 9 April 1994

Glasgow Development Agency (GDA) wants quickly and visibly to help Glaswegian firms improve the calibre of their design.

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Spruce Goose, 1947

The Spruce Goose and US Decline

Published 14 June 1991

If America had shown more respect for the art of product design, maybe it wouldn’t be losing out so much to competing world powers

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The Listener September 1985

A new kind of nationalism in design

Published 12 September 1985

The geopolitics of design: it is emerging as a highly tangible form of economic aggression

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James Dyson: Last of the great inventors

Published 24 September 1984

This, published by Blueprint in September 1984, is the first interview James Dyson ever gave

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James Woudhuysen, 1979

Political economy: the survival kit for designers in the 1980s

Published 5 April 1979

This article was the first leader published under my editorship at Design magazine (1979-82). For all its narrowness and youthful excess, it marked out new territory for thinking about design

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