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China's supernova cities

China’s supernova cities

Published 30 December 2017

By 2020, the Chinese government hopes to have a new and national Social Credit System (SCS) ready.

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Back on track, amadeus

Back on track

Published 25 January 2012

Europe’s railways need to up their game in IT.

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Colour, brands and identity in tomorrow’s cities

Published 16 November 2011

In London, they brought the fluid neon colours back. For more than 50 years, the moving, illuminated electronic liquid of Lucozade, an energy drink, inspired motorists driving above down-at-heel Brentford, as they reached the western approaches of Britain’s capital at night

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In praise of big cities

In praise of big cities

Published 9 March 2007

A controlled demolition of a new report that says… cities make us sick

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Metro miserablists

Published 7 October 2004

Two new top-level reports only seem to see the downsides to life in a big city.

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