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Retail Banking

The future of retail banking

Published 24 January 2017

In retail banking, the elephant in the room is that there simply may not be any left in years to come. More and more people, and not just the young, do their banking online.

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Mockup of Retail 2020

Retail 2020: Of robots, shelves and packs

Published 12 November 2015

In all today’s euphoric-apocalyptic hysteria about how the robots are coming, one sector is woefully neglected (1).

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The future of retailing

The future of retailing

Published 24 March 2015

I confess. Like most men, I find shopping boring. Yet what retailers do next is more interesting than the travails of Tesco today, or the more general problem of too much retail floorspace in the UK

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Retailing at Goodyear Dunlop’s ‘State of the Nation 2015’ conference

Published 23 January 2015

James Woudhuysen is interviewed about future trends in retailing by Ron Pike, ‎Promotions & Events Manager at Goodyear Dunlop, at the final session of the Goodyear Dunlop ‘State of the Nation 2015’ conference

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Re-inventing the High Street

Published 4 December 2014

James Woudhuysen spoke on ‘Reinventing the High Street‘ at the Content, Customers & Communities in the Media Landscape conference, held at London’s Digital Catapult Centre, Dec 2014.

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Waste not want not, WW1 poster

Design against food waste? Count me out

Published 14 February 2014

Trendy laments about food waste look unlikely ever to make much improvement on the poor incomes so widely offered in Britain’s creative industries.

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Retailing shop front

Time for some high-street innovation

Published 26 June 2013

Britain’s retail sector needs to stop worrying about the greens and learn to love new technology

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Too much packaging

Is Britain drowning in too much packaging?

Published 10 October 2011

The wrapping that our food, mod-cons and medications come in is not ‘evil’ – it is a product of civilisation.

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Don’t let the miserabilists clip humanity’s wings

Published 12 August 2010

Flying away on your holidays this August? The consensus is growing that you should feel guiltier than ever about it.

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ATM: death of cash?

Paying in cash: more than the strange pastime of a few

Published 28 May 2009

Reports of the death of cash are exaggerated. Here’s why

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Contact centres are undervalued

Published 13 May 2005

In the right hands contact centres can deliver much more than rage-management

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Gordon Brown in every handset

Published 11 July 2003

Payment will be an important application for mobile telephony

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If in doubt, brand

Published 14 August 2002

The craze for branding only advertises corporate insecurity

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UK retailing

How design got High Street cred

Published 16 September 1998

The British High Street began to swing in 1960s. Now it really hurtles

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Adding style to the high street

Published 1 April 1991

The decline of product design in the UK has slowed, but industry is still wary of investment.

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Corporate identity – making a clear impression

Published 1 March 1991

For the users of products or services, clarity is the important aspect of corporate identity.

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Cashless society

Chequeless, cashless, clueless in the smart card society

Published 29 November 1990

The cashless and chequeless society is here. Yet the industry that has grown up around fund transfer terminals and cards is short on information about what users have let themselves in for.

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The Listener 12 May 1988

E-commerce in 1988

Published 12 May 1988

In 1988, the frothiest of the Thatcher years, I was a director of Fitch & Co, one of the co-organisers of the Teleshopping Consortium.

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