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The fuzzy front end of product design projects

Published 8 August 2012

In innovation, the simple transfer of knowledge isn’t enough – but uncertainty isn’t all bad

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Screenstar phone

Take design advantage

Published 1 November 2005

People in design will now tell you how passionate they are about empowering others, through local partnerships, to design a better, more ethical world – and a better, more competitive South Africa within that.

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Things to come … Clever Carpets

Published 1 October 2003

Since 9/11, the ability to track where people are in the workplace in emergencies and to guide them out has edged nearer to becoming a legal requirement of UK firms.

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Silicon High Street

Published 5 March 1984

London’s Tottenham Court Road, Mecca for hi-fi freaks, may be a warning to us all with parallels between feature-heavy consumer electronics and feature-heavy weapons.

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The first CFL – Thorn’s new light

Published 17 April 1981

The British electricals giant reckons its ‘two-dimensional’ fluorescent is a world-beater.

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