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Turn down central heating

Obesity busybodies turn down the heat

Published 28 January 2014

Today’s moribund capitalism always tries to kill several birds with the same cheap stone.

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Dementia: how health nudging works

Dementia: how health nudging works

Published 12 December 2013

The claim that dementia can be prevented by lifestyle changes was convenient PR – but remains unproven

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Creative Destruction Medicine by Eric Topol

Next killer app for smartphone: personalised healthcare

Published 26 April 2013

Will our smartphones one day tell us if a heart attack is on its way, and nanosensors in our bodies dispense the medicine to deal with it? Eric Topol thinks so.

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Devalued and distrusted

Big Pharma’s little critics

Published 28 March 2013

One defence of drug manufacturers, and three attacks on modern medicine, offer much. But none quite explains Big Pharma’s crisis of scientific and technological innovation.

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Big Pharma, small ambition

Published 11 February 2011

Pfizer’s decision to close its UK research facility was born of an industry-wide angst about medical discovery.

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Knee-jerk reactions: exercise and personal health

Published 10 July 1986

In exercise and personal health, ‘one must now mix egoism with electronics’

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