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Christian Salmon

An engaging tale, packed with myths

Published 28 May 2010

Christian Salmon’s book rightly notes the increasing use of narrative in modern life, but his ‘anti-capitalist’ instincts get in the way of understanding why.

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Read into it what you will

Read into it what you will

Published 12 March 2009

In the penultimate episode of the fourth series of the deservedly acclaimed HBO series The Wire, Tommy Carcetti, the fresh-faced, new, Democratic Party mayor of run-down Baltimore, is waiting outside the office of the Republican governor of Maryland.

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Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking 2026: the future of making meals in the home

Published 17 September 2006

Here is Chapter 1 of a pamphlet commissioned by Le Creuset in September 2006. To download the full PDF version, click on this title link ‘Cooking 2026: the future of making meals in the home‘.

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Women playing computer games

Why don’t women play computer games?

Published 23 March 2006

The fact that these are boys’ toys has been theorised as evidence for the ‘politics of difference’

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Play as the Main Event in International and UK Culture

Published 28 April 2003

Play has become a dominant trend in the culture of Western adults. This chapter of Cultural Trends looks at its prevalence and growth

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Things to come … Endless ski-ing

Published 1 February 2003

The trouble with ski slopes is that they run out.

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Toy stories

Published 25 July 2002

Why corporate bosses want to get Disney into work.

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Team players

Published 12 April 2001

The popularity of workplace teams indicates how work is elided with play.

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A nice cup of coffee before you go?

Published 10 August 1986

Why have Britons taken so long to enjoy good coffee?

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