Is globalisation over? The future of world trade

First published by Institute of Ideas, October 2017
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Listen to the debate ‘Is globalisation over? The future of world trade‘ from Battle of Ideas 2017

In October 2017, as part of the The Battle of Ideas festival held at The Barbican in London, James joined a panel of speakers, at a session he also produced, to debate the future of world trade. The other panelists were Dr Gerard Lyons (economist; co-author, Clean Brexit), Professor Michael Mainelli (executive chairman, Z/Yen Group; alderman, City of London; author, The Price of Fish: a new approach to wicked economics and better decisions), Vicky Pryce (board member, Centre for Economics and Business Research; economic advisor, British Chamber of Commerce), and Allen Simpson (chief operating officer, Labour in the City; economic and financial policy specialist).

Session description

Globalisation is the process by which national and regional economies, societies and cultures have become more integrated through global networks of trade, foreign direct investment, transport, telecommunications and immigration. Many argue that globalisation has been an enormous boon to worldwide living standards. However, serious debate has now broken out about whether globalisation is finally grinding to a halt.

What is globalisation, and is it really coming to an end? If its advocates are right to say that it has brought prosperity worldwide, why are so many people against it? Is it possible to have a ‘progressive’ globalisation, shorn of its free-market excesses?

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