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Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point and the fear of nuclear

Published 15 August 2016

Delaying building a new power station is a brake on progress.

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Another fracking melodrama

Another fracking melodrama

Published 6 June 2016

For the first time, American scientists have published a paper showing that wastewater from a shale-gas well and a coalbed methane site, disposed of by injecting it into a deep well, has reached a surface stream.

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Cop21 Paris 2015

Mass wind and solar? They’re 25 years away

Published 19 December 2015

After COP21, the Paris conference on climate change, it’s time to puncture Green euphoria about renewable energy

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Our hero: Gensets provide critical power where it’s needed

Published 6 August 2015

After April, when Nepal suffered its worst earthquake in 80 years, the technology made it to the front page of the New York Times.

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George Monbiot

Fracking with George Monbiot

Published 23 August 2014

Matthew Taylor brings together James Woudhuysen and George Monbiot for a head-to-head discussion on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for the the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Agree to differ‘.

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People, your TVs are too big!

People, your TVs are too big!

Published 17 July 2014

Earlier this year, Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat secretary of state for energy, hit a new low in proposals to deal with Britain’s inadequate and pricey energy supply.

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Shale Gas

Making the case for shale gas and oil

Published 3 April 2014

Both advocates and critics of fracking have it wrong. Also, both use the wrong word.

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British environmentalists love Germany’s energy policies

Published 18 February 2014

British environmentalists love Germany’s energy policies. Mistake!

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High Energy Prices

The Big Six aren’t to blame for high energy prices

Published 11 February 2014

Have Britain’s main suppliers of energy abused their monopoly position?

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IT and US Energy

IT and US energy: grids go smart, armed forces go solar

Published 27 November 2013

The US Navy is more committed to solar energy supply than mainstream investors, who prefer to massage energy demand – downwards.

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Letter from Lebanon: powering up for a brighter future

Published 31 October 2013

The Middle East needs new energy, not Europe telling it to save the stuff.

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How to make blackouts a thing of the past

Published 4 October 2012

The key to providing for our energy needs is technological development, not sterile rows about energy sources.

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Innovation in energy: expressions of a crisis

Published 23 June 2012

Using academic, journalistic and statistical sources, this paper situates energy innovation in historical context before describing the current sclerosis of Western energy R&D.

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All this carbon-cutting is a waste of energy

Published 2 February 2012

Neither Boris Johnson nor Ken Livingstone is willing to deliver the uninterrupted, cheap energy London needs.

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Fracking and Fukushima: our energy security fears

Published 17 October 2011

When I hear the phrase “energy security”, I reach for my revolver’.

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The causes of Fukushima: report of Annual symposium of the World Nuclear Association, 2011

Published 23 September 2011

The power of the nucleus had little to do with What Went Wrong at the TEPCO nuclear reactors in 2011

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Drowning in oil by Loren C Steffy

BP’s Deepwater Horizon and Loren Steffy, Drowning in oil

Published 24 April 2011

BP became so obsessed with irrational management practices and petty health-and-safety measures that it overlooked the real safety of its workers

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An exhausted approach to the energy issue

Published 3 August 2010

The Lib-Cons ‘energy policy’ is to encourage people to use less of it rather than to generate more of it.

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The world needs abundant, cheap, clean energy

Published 30 December 2009

In an extract from their new book, Energise!, James Woudhuysen and Joe Kaplinsky argue that climate change is real, but the answer is to invest boldly in forms of power supply not moralise about personal consumption.

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Still no clear policy on nuclear energy

Published 9 November 2009

New Labour’s commitment to nuclear is half-hearted at best, and goes hand in hand with more policing of our energy use.

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New Labour’s power vacuum

Published 21 October 2009

The UK government’s obsession with energy self-sufficiency and renewables looks set to lead to blackouts in the next few years.

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The green man’s burden

Published 7 July 2009

Why is Greenpeace calling on the UK to set an example to nations like China, when the Chinese are cleaning up faster than us?

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The myth that New Labour is pro-nuclear

Published 23 April 2009

Everyone from big business to greens imagines that British government policy favours nuclear energy. It doesn’t.

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Energising the debate about climate change

Published 20 February 2009

Energise! eschews the misanthropic green ideology of restraint and explains how human action can solve a human-made problem.

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We need cheap, abundant energy

Published 9 February 2009

Here’s how we get it: more R&D, and fewer red herrings. Co authored with Joe Kaplinsky.

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Race to be green saps creative energy

Published 28 March 2008

I had to laugh. Was this new and epic Cabinet split about whether the Home Office really can and should equip the police with personal organisers in time for the 2012 Olympics?

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Knocking the wind out of the energy debate

Published 12 December 2007

The UK government department in charge of energy is strangling urgently needed generation schemes in red tape, precaution and ceaseless consultation.

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Nuke the consultation – let’s have a debate!

Published 2 February 2007

Greenpeace and the courts have delayed New Labour’s energy white paper. That’s no victory – for you, me or the planet. Co-written with Joe Kaplinsky

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The EU’s post-industrial revolution

Published 11 January 2007

José Manuel Barroso’s new energy policy represents a retreat from development driven by fear.

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UK energy rules leave managers cold

Published 9 August 2006

In line with the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, UK regulations require a whole-building approach to calculate office carbon emissions.

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A self-defeating argument for nuclear power

Published 12 July 2006

The UK government’s energy review is more interested in changing the public’s behaviour than in putting a positive case for nuclear.

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Windmills of the mind

Published 3 July 2006

Why the UK government’s energy policy is more concerned with changing our behaviour and mindset than with actually supplying more energy.

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In defence of individual ecofreedom

Published 4 May 2006

Government campaigns against running domestic electrical gadgets on standby are unnecessary, and will likely prove unpopular.

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Blowing up Chernobyl

Published 27 April 2006

Twenty years on from the explosion, the anti-nuclear lobby is still playing fast and loose with the facts about casualties.

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Things to come – Tower power

Published 1 July 2003

Solar power demands direct sunlight, one of the reasons why the Government’s alternative energies are now directed at wind turbines.

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Things to come … Methane-powered mobiles

Published 1 April 2003

Recharging phone, laptop and PDA batteries is a pain, and the coming of power-hungry mobile broadband will make it worse.

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