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Paul Rand

Paul Rand: Old Master

Published 16 August 1991

Even in his late seventies, the late American graphics giant Paul Rand did lengthy working days at the most energetic pace. For creatives everywhere, he remains an example

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Milt Glaser and Dylan

Straddling art and design: an interview with Milton Glaser

Published 7 April 1990

Milt Glaser put Bob Dylan in silhouette on a memorable poster (1967), and designed the red-hearted I Love NY logo (1975). Now the subject of a Sky Arts documentary, I talked to him 20 years ago

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Portrait of Dick Hess

Homage to Dick Hess

Published 3 November 1989

Interview at the Connecticut home of the late Dick Hess, co-inventor of Paint By Numbers and one of the 20th century’s greatest illustrators and graphic designers

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Paul Rand

Why Paul Rand hates logos

Published 23 September 1989

In the pantheon of US designers, they don’t come more eminent than Paul Rand. He made corporate identity into modernist clarity

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Saul Bass, Design Week

Saul Bass – film titles, films and corporate identity

Published 22 September 1989

Workaholic, perfectionist and Hollywood raconteur: you name it, Saul Bass did it

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Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams: The apostle of Cool

Published 24 December 1987

Interview with Dieter Rams, the crusading German designer of Braun products and much besides

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FHK Henrion

FHK Henrion: graphics as propaganda in World War II

Published 22 December 1986

He represented the progressive mission of twentieth-century graphic design

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Dumbar for Artifort

Gert Dumbar: Holland’s best-known contemporary graphic designer

Published 21 November 1985

The Dutch have given us Philips, Shell and Heineken; they have given the world and South Africa the adjective verkrampte

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Photograph of David King by Donald McCullin

David King: graphic designer, ranged left

Published 28 November 1984

When once he art-edited the Sunday Times colour supp, David King revived Leon Trotsky

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James Dyson: Last of the great inventors

Published 24 September 1984

This, published by Blueprint in September 1984, is the first interview James Dyson ever gave

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Nick Butler

Nick Butler: product designer as an anti-hero

Published 23 April 1984

Nick Butler died in early 2012. Here, in a rare and relatively early interview, he explains why, despite being one of Britain’s most successful 20th century designers, he preferred to keep a low profile

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Douglas Scott: Route Master


Published 13 October 1983

Douglas Scott is the unsung hero of British industrial design. Largely unacclaimed, he designed products as universal as Aga cookers, the London double-decker bus and telephone coin boxes

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Perry King and Santiago Miranda

King Miranda and the legacy of Italian design

Published 25 February 1983

England’s Perry King and Spain’s Santiago Miranda helped lead the 1980s revival of Milanese design

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Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren: the punk Svengali as forecaster

Published 10 August 1981

Thirty-six years on, the famous British impresario is entirely prescient here – about the infantilisation of adults, the cult of play, and the rise of selfies

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Gordon Russell

Beginning at the bench: interview with Gordon Russell

Published 5 October 1980

Gordon Russell was one of the doyens of 20th century British design. He was also iconoclastic in his opinions about it. I talked to him at his cottage in Gloucestershire

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Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy: a message from a grand old man

Published 28 May 1980

Interview with the man who invented industrial design. Raymond Loewy is 87 on 5 November this year

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