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China's supernova cities

China’s supernova cities

Published 30 December 2017

By 2020, the Chinese government hopes to have a new and national Social Credit System (SCS) ready.

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Rethinking packaging

Smart Design: rethinking packaging

Published 12 April 2012

How electronic packs for pharmaceuticals work with mobile IT to improve patient adherence to medication regimens

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Colour, brands and identity in tomorrow’s cities

Published 16 November 2011

In London, they brought the fluid neon colours back. For more than 50 years, the moving, illuminated electronic liquid of Lucozade, an energy drink, inspired motorists driving above down-at-heel Brentford, as they reached the western approaches of Britain’s capital at night

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Big Potatoes: Chinese Mandarin, 2011

Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation

Published 26 January 2011

In Britain and America, the phrase ‘big potatoes’ is used to describe things or events that are deemed significant. Published in Mandarin

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Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation

Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation

Published 9 October 2010

In Britain and America, the phrase ‘big potatoes’ is used to describe things or events that are deemed significant. Here is the English second edition

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Published 10 December 2008

Before the financial crisis of autumn 2008, soaring Chinese demand for oil led some commentators to predict a rosy future for renewable energy.

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The McDonaldization of Higher Education

Published 8 May 2006

The term McDonaldization was coined by George Ritzer in 1993 and is a valuable tool for providing a theoretical and practical debate concerning novel and defining features of our contemporary world.

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Education as entertainment

Published 8 July 2004

At first sight there ought to be nothing contentious about the idea of education as entertainment. Who, after all, has not been entertained, at least once in their life, by a great teacher – has not been diverted by the teacher’s wit, enthusiasm, bearing, tone of voice, turn of phrase or use of eye contact?

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Why is construction so backward?

Published 4 February 2004

Construction is vital both to Gross Domestic Product and to today’s politics. Prime Minister Tony Blair himself chairs a cabinet committee on the Thames Gateway development, to the east of London.

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Digital Visions: Cult IT

Digital Visions: Cult IT

Published 26 February 1999

Are the claims made for Digital Technology accurate? And if not, why is the arts world so anxious to embrace IT as the latest must-have fashion accessory?

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Books: authored, contributed to and edited

Published 26 January 1995


Detailed editing of a book written by John Gillott and Manjit Kumar

Science and the retreat from reason

Science and the retreat from Reason2


Detailed editing of a book written by James Cousins

British Rail design

52975 (1)



arrowSummer 1983

Word processing manual for the Commodore 64 computer




With Terry Cottle

Central to design, central to industry

Central to Design 1


Instruction manual for the Neff B1691 oven

Neff manual

In defence of the Enlightenment

Published 29 November 1994

Three of the major breakthroughs of the Renaissance and of the Enlightenment – rationalism, humanism and universalism – are under threat from dark and pessimistic forces in society today.

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Victor Papanek

Victor Papanek: pioneer of patronising design

Published 22 June 1985

Review of Papanek, Design for the real world: human ecology and social change, second edition, Thames & Hudson, 1985

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Published 29 November 1984

With Stephen Bayley

Einstein the first hundred years

Einstein: The First Hundred Years

Published 19 August 1980

Einstein: The First Hundred Years presents the great contribution of Albert Einstein to the development of science

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