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Dialectical progress in India

India’s dialectic of progress

Published 31 July 2017

Two new books show how far post-independence India has come, and how far it has still to go

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Chinese NextEV electric car

Electric car, Made in China

Published 12 July 2017

Few in the West have taken the full measure of China’s drive toward electric vehicles

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China's consumer spending

Chinese consumer markets cannot be turned back

Published 24 February 2016

Can China develop a coherent, vibrant internal market and break its dependency on large state-owned industries?

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China's productivity

China’s productivity

Published 7 December 2015

The use of labour has been China’s main economic strength. Can it move beyond that?

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China's patent assessed

China’s leap forward on patents

Published 30 March 2015

How groundbreaking are China’s patents? How innovative really is China?

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Innovation in Shanghai, China

Chinese innovation assessed

Published 18 December 2014

Can China innovate? How might its innovations change the rest of the world?

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International Intrigue and a Slow Web in China’s Dalian

Published 4 August 2014

Not a lot of Westerners have heard of Dalian, a major port and a centre for financial services logistics and higher education in northeast China

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Computer games in China – some battles on screen, more in the market

Published 16 December 2013

The Chinese Communist Party won’t permit lurid content, but commercial competition in the games sector is pretty bloodthirsty

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Fracking in China

China: big shale reserves, but little fracking before 2020

Published 26 September 2013

When China finally gets fracking, there’ll be enough water to do the job. And fracking won’t kill  the number of people coal does

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China's robot revolution

China struggles to engineer robot revolution

Published 13 July 2013

Just as China’s strengths in cyberwar have stirred Western perceptions of a nation on the move, so its talents in robotics could be the stuff of nightmares.

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Anna Hazare: apostle of political hygiene

Published 30 August 2011

Why India’s middle-class warriors against corruption aren’t so heroic

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Letter from India

Published 11 March 2010

On a recent trip to India, James Woudhuysen collected a prize for Excellence in Innovation. As proof, he records the boom and dust of his travels.

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The green man’s burden

Published 7 July 2009

Why is Greenpeace calling on the UK to set an example to nations like China, when the Chinese are cleaning up faster than us?

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A Fu Manchu of the dot com age?

Published 9 April 2009

Claims that Chinese cyber-spies are plotting world domination through the World Wide Web are greatly exaggerated.

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Like it or not, coal is vital to Asia’s growth

Published 12 September 2007

Those calling on China and India to ‘kick the coal habit’, and opt for less sooty forms of energy, overlook the vast benefits of coal-use for those nations.

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Three cheers for China’s ‘economic miracle’

Published 24 July 2007

Ignore the Yellow Peril view of Chinese economic growth as dirty and dangerous. There are good reasons to welcome China’s leaps forward.

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Is the Red Dragon a green threat?

Published 23 June 2007

Ignore the scaremongering of environmentalist writers and thinkers: China should be free to develop as it wishes.

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Waste Crisis in China

Will an e-waste crisis be made in China?

Published 8 June 2007

In the world of IT, both energy use and e-waste look set to gain an Eastern aspect.

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China Telecom gains global reach

Published 21 August 2006

China Telecom is one of the world’s most dynamic telcos and is touting for European business.

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How the East was won: Japan in the 20th century

Published 1 February 1987

The West usually attributes Japanese industrial success to innate national characteristics such as feudal loyalty, hard work and passivity

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