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Roboter auto karosseriebau

Warum die amerikanische Wirtschaft schwächelt

Published 28 April 2017

Der Verlust von Jobs im Produktionssektor kann nicht einfach China oder der Automatisierung zugeschrieben werden.

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Internet of things - bed

Origins and future of Industry 4.0

Published 24 April 2017

At the University of Missouri’s Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology, professors of engineering and nursing hook up sensors to perform clever feats in medicine.

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AI: racist or sexist?

The psychobabble behind the ‘AI is racist’ claim

Published 21 April 2017

Astonishing news is in. Apparently, artificial intelligence can be bigoted, too.

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Stillstand im Verkehr überwinden

Published 4 April 2017

Zur Reduktion von Treibhausgasen soll auf das Reisen verzichtet werden. Wir brauchen aber nicht weniger Verkehr, sondern mehr echte Innovationen

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Smart pipes

Industrial strategy, UK: where to back labs, prototypes and designs

Published 1 April 2017

This document is part of an Institute of Ideas Economy Forum response to the British Government’s Green Paper on industrial strategy, a consultation launched by business minister Greg Clark. The full response is available by clicking on this link:
Go for Growth

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